New feature: sections

An interesting new feature has been added with version 0.4.1 of Raconteur. From the changelog:

Raconteur Updates: Version 0.4.0

This is the changelog for for Raconteur, from the launch release up to 0.4.0.

Announcing Raconteur

Raconteur is “Undum with batteries included.” Historically, developing for Undum has meant doing a lot of your own tooling; writing tools to enable you to write your game. Undum’s flexibility and power have made it the engine that drove some of the most significant works in IF (The Play, Almost Goodbye). But it has always been relatively inaccessible. Undum is not the system of choice for writing straightforward hypertext games; it’s a challenging system to learn and use that demands the author build their own engine on top of it to drive their game logic.

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